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How To Choose A Career

Most of us are always confused about careers so today, i’m going to answer the all time question it’s simply this How do i choose the right career for me?.


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First of all this is a big challenge that everybody has and they have it throughout their lives the majority of working¬† people by their own admission do not feel fully challenged by their current jobs getting into or staying at a job for which you are not ideally suited is one of the greatest wastes of time in life.It can rob you of some of your most productive years so if you find yourself in that position, it’s a good thing for you to consider a new career path.It can be scary but hopefully with some guidance that decision will become more within your reach.First before making any choices you need to look into yourself and think about the things you like to do and the things you are really good at doing.Then, it’s time for you ask yourself a key question the question you want to ask yourself is what do i really enjoy doing and what kind of job can i do that will allow me to do what i enjoy doing.The next step in this process is informational interviewing.


So informational interviewing you can do this by setting up informal meetings or coffee with prospective employers and the people in the industry you have chosen and then find out as much as you can from them about their business their specific company their position you have in mind and other aspects of that industry this will supply you a lot of information to make the decision process easier as well as some contacts in the industry.You have chosen networking sites like LinkedIn are a great way to reach people in specific industry that you might want to meet with after you have gone through the informational interviewing process.
It’s time to land and when you do it’s crucial to dedicate your whole heart to doing your job really well when you commit doing your job to the best of your ability one of two things will happen.The first thing that is gonna happen is you will find that this is the right career for you which is rare in the beginning but will become more clear as you progress or you will find this not the right career for you and that you need to continue searching either way by putting your whole heart into doing a really good job but whatever career you’re trying out you will find the answer to these questions much quicker then you can come out the other side and decide.
If this is something that you can see yourself doing for the foreseeable future or not if it’s not if it’s not you simply repeat the process finding a new job that you like and try it out until you find the right career that suits you there’s a lot of trial and error involved one of the primary responsibilities to yourself is to select the kind of work that you enjoy at our best suited to do it is to find a job where you can use your natural talents or skills and abilities at a higher level your duty to yourself is to work at something that gives you joy and satisfaction you must find a job that brings you out the very best in you and that will inspire you to want to become excellent at what you’re doing.


1.Think about what you like and what you’re good at.
2.Think of Jobs you can do that allow you to do things you are good at.
3.Informational interviewing.
4.Find position that suits you and commit to it wholeheartedly.



90% of the students choose their careers not by themselves but the suggestion of their parents and relatives,parents or friends.As a result maximum of them regret for it later in their life.So why they do it?


The first reason behind is because they used to be confuse about how to choose a career or which career is suitable for him.


Because of their limited thinking, now if someone says science only a few career options what comes in our minds like IT, engineering, Medical or if someone says commerce CA,MBA only these limited options pops up into our minds.We feel so uncomfortable to think something out of this box.That’s why we depend on others to choose for us to the right career.Which is not good for us at all.
So again the question arises ow do is select the best career for me.As mentioned above the solution and strgedies to overcome here are another few stragedies that can help you out.
To choose a perfect career for you guys you have to give priority to three stragedies:
1.Concentration power
Here 3 c’s can literally change up your life so here the key factor is concentration power.And based on that we have three different options.First of them is for those who have an extraordinary concentration power.
Well! what does that mean?.
You might be wondering How can you know that whether you have extraordinary concentration power or normal.So, the answer is if you have capability of focusing on a totally uninteresting thing continuously for long hours,then you can consider you have an extraordinary concentration power.For example,suppose you hate math ,still you can understand by your focus on math 3 or 4 hours continuously without getting distracted.If you can, then highly competitive fields,like IITS, CA is for you and your chance for becoming successful,starts from 10%  and goes up to 100%.But the fact in 10% students fall into this category.Still 90% students are competing in this highly competitive fields, without judging carefully their own true potentially.As a result they are failing again and again, and then they are going into depression.
Whereas, here only one single question can save their career, that is “what is my concentration power level”?.”What is my true potential”? but surprisingly no one asking that.
If you don’t want to struck in this trap then you have to ask these questions to yourself and also you must have clearly let your parents know the same.The 2nd option is for those 90% students whom concentration power is normal.Means who can not study for very long hours but they can study for a certain time with concentration, means they can stressed themselves only for a short limited time of so, if these type of students go to compete in highly competitive field then their chance to become successful is only 1% so considering probability theory for them.
it is better to invest their lacs of rupees into roulette gambling rather then investing into coaching institutes.Because in roulette, they have a chance of winning 1:37, but in highly competitive fields they have a chance of willing only 1:100.So i guess roulette is better option right.And of course if someone has potential then the comparison with roulette, is meaningless.
If you fall into this category, then it will be best if you choose a low competitive field and you start doing smart work in that field.Now what i mean by smart work.What do i mean by smart work means the proper understanding of what are we doing or why we are doing the work.For example consider the physiotherapy course, now as the uses of computers and mobiles are increasing day by day more people will suffer from neck pain or waist pain.So, the need of physiotherapist is going to increase day by day.
Now if you study that course from even a non reputed and then with that you complete a course on online marketing and also or communication skill and then through google ad words you put an advertisement on the internet about physiotherapy service at home then even without having a clinic you can operate right with the help of a single internet connection.
And there will be upper limit up to which you can grow.Maybe after few years you cans tart your own clinic.So by following this type of path you can have a chance to become successful,that starts from 10% and goes up to 100% just like the guys with extraordinary concentration power.
The third option is also for that 90% mediocre students but among them it is for those who have some definite passion.It may be singing and painting or anything related to their skill.In case of study we need to concentrate forcefully,but if we have interest in doing something then we concentrate automatically, we don’t have to force ourselves.When it comes to following passion, the first fear pops up into our minds is whether there will be a scope or not?.
Right.So, if you have any special talent then there will there be a scope or not?.Here the competition is zero.Because here any of the two person cannot be compared.Someone sings this type of songs very well, another sings that types of song very well.So if you have genuine interest in something then it is obvious you will get a scope.But to develop that you need practice.The more you practice the more you are perfect.But here the main condition is, your interest is genuine.But here the main condition is your interest must be genuine if you are choosing path just to get rid of studying and you don’t have any true interest in it,then only God may save you!. At last i wanted to say you one last thing that choose your career by yourself.Don’t let anyone to take the biggest decision of our life for you.Otherwise you will regret.


  • Firstly we get to know the stragedies to answer yourself a question that which career is perfect for me.
  • We get to know the reasons that what is the main reason’s behind our failure.
  • Thirdly the most important thing we get to know was how to select perfect career for you.
  • And learned that we should not let anyone take biggest decision of life.





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