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How to cook French fries.

Cooking french fries like the restaurants is the easiest thing in the kitchen world. French fries is the best thing to make one’s mouth water.And one in the world can starve the men.LET’S START COOKING! and have a look to how to cook french fries.


  • 4 Medium Potatoes
  • Salt.
  • Oil.
  • Water.


STEP NO. 01:

  • Boil the water into a vessel like shallow pot.For boiling the potatoes.

STEP NO. 02:

  • Instead of boiling water cut the potatoes into slices first the into thin strips.Use the longer potatoes so that the french fries will look bigger.

STEP NO. 03:

  • Add some salt to taste in the boiling water. And stir it well.

STEP NO. 04:

  • Pour fries into the boiling water and mix it so that the salt can easily be dissolved.And let it be cooked until it becomes 3/4 three to four.

STEP NO. 05:

  • As fries being cooked three to our 3/4 strain the fries from the hot boiling water carefully.

STEP NO. 06:

  • Dry the fries after straining from boiling water. With the help of handkerchief soak the fries well.

STEP NO. 07:

  • After soaking the fries fill all the fries into a polythene bag and sealed it from the top.

STEP NO. 08:

  • Freeze the fries up to 3 to 4 hours in the refrigerator. Until it look’s like above.

STEP NO. 09:

  • Heat the oil until it starts boiling. Oil should be hot enough to deep fry the frozen fries.

STEP NO. 10:

  • Deep fry the frozen fries until it looks like crispy and golden in color than strain it out.

STEP NO. 11:

  • Serve your french fries in the plate with sauces.And enjoy your meal with great delight. Ready to eat.


Take some potatoes and cut them into strips. And then start boiling water on other side.When the water starts boiling add some salt according to taste in water. And mix it well. Then pour all the fries in the pot.And wait unless it is half cooked. Then take out the fries from the water.And cook until it is 3/4 cooked.Take out the fries and soak it well.Then packed the fries in a polythene bag.And freeze it for almost two hours.Then take out the fries unless it becomes golden in color.Then serve it.And now it’s ready to eat.


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