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How to cure Anxiety



  • what is Anxiety?
  • How this disease traps the human body?
  • Symptoms of Anxiety.
  • How to cure Anxiety?
  • Multiple types of anxiety.
  • Anxiety as a death trap.
Science has blessened and brightened almost all spheres of activities.Increasing number of population has enhanced troubles and lessened the facilities required. Daily a new disease to come forefront. But science always founds the cure of everything. Anxiety is also one of the disease. Everyone nor he/she is a businessmen or an actor is the patient of anxiety. And everyone want’s to get rid of it. how to cure anxiety is everyone’s question?. So have a look on it!!


Anxiety is like a feeling of any worry, nervousness, or unease concerned to something with an uncertain outcome.or an strong eagerness about to do something or something going to occur.

It is possible that you felt worry about problem at work with your boss or teacher. Or possible as well felling butterflies in your stomach in the waiting period of the results.Everyone faces this order time to time. In some cases it is for a short period OR for few hours or days.But it can extend up to months and years. And if it is extended up and forming interference in your daily life. So, it means that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.


The causes of anxiety could be any stress, tension the physical or mental condition or any side effect of drugs intake.There are multiple causes of Anxiety.It can trap anyone although it is a youngster, teenager or old men of 85 years. This disease does not spare anyone in the broad worldwide. The causes of anxiety are as below:

  • Stress about business.
  • Tension from family.
  • Issues in wedding life.
  • Financial condition.
  • Stress or tension about any serious disease.
  • Blood clotting in lung vessels.
  • Wrong uses of medicine.
  • Shortage of Oxygen in environment.
Excessive anxiety is most commonly triggered day by day stress or the any mixture of two or things discussed before. It is usually a response from outside forces, but it is possible as well that anxious feelings can emerge from a person telling himself/herself the worst will happen with him/her.
To better understand it’s causes is to to broke them up into two constituent parts and that are:
  • Biological reasons.
  • Environmental reasons.


Genes or we can say genetics and biology plays an significant role in the creation of anxiety. Not only anxiety seemed to be appear run in families if you just only take two people with similar experiences, one suffering from anxiety disorder, one may not, and the difference only between them just of genetics, or at least influenced by the body more than the mind. Biological reasons includes:

  • Noninterference or imbalance of brain Chemistry.
  • Preventive Aspects.
  • Genetics.


In most of the cases it is noticed that environment plays a triggering role in anxiety disorder, and in some cases the anxiety could be caused by themselves. But in this case, environment demands everything but that is not genetic.The environmental reasons includes:

  • Work.
  • Habits.
  • Encouragement.
  • Parenting.
  • Tension.
  • Confusion or Trauma.
  • In attention.
  • Over loading of work.


Behaving suspicious creates physiological and emotional state of anxiety. Anxiety triggers the stress response. So, it was found that the symptoms of anxiety are actually are symptoms of stress. Also known to be anxiety symptoms. Behaving suspiciously is the main source and building block of stress. Which stresses the whole body. And when the body becomes over stressed have potential to exhibit the symptoms of stress.
Symptoms of this disorder varies from person to person due to of it’s biological reasons and variation of genetics.If you are feeling angry or anxious.So people around you have to be alert about your furious reaction.But the common symptoms that are not spoon of any genes are:
  • Headache.
  • Apathy.
  • Rapid heart beats rate.
  • Stomach and Chest pain.
  • Gas.
  • Constipation.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Problem in inhaling oxygen or (Breathing).
  • Giddiness.
  • Sleeping problem.
  • Blazing skin.
  • Being tensed all the time.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Being confused and tired.


Problematic anxiety can be experienced in thousands of ways. Anxiety disorder is not as simple disease as you are thinking of. It expresses itself in number of multiple ways.Just this is the reason of Anxiety disorder classification. It does not means that types are change so behavior and causes will also be changed. In a lot of types the causes and behavior are same. Only an specialized can detect the right condition, the patient suffering from.There are three types of anxiety disorder as below:
  • (GAD) Generalized anxiety disorder.
  • (PTSD) Post traumatic stress disorder.
  • (OCD) Obsessive compulsive disorder.


(GAD) Generalized anxiety disorder is one of a widespread disorder. People suffering from this disorder thinks more than in reality and from normal condition related to any event or organization of something. And if someone is suffering this, from years and months so, it becomes a worrywart. Being suffering from this type of anxiety does not means that something is wrong in your genetics or in biological ways. It means that you have no tolerance on hard and risky conditions happening and going to happen in your life.
  • Uneasiness.
  • Feeling of being unsafe.
  • Being worried.
  • Problem in concentrating.


This disorder is actually happened with those who suffered a lot in their lives. And have no potential to suffer any hing else. Men suffered from any disaster like any damage in business or any defeat in war of life have numbered of chances to suffer from this type of anxiety.


  • Feeling of being helpless.
  • Emotional.
  • Restlessness.
  • Sleeping issue.
  • Past related dreams.


This is  actually a continue experience of unwanted thoughts and problems that causes anxiety. Men knows that these thoughts are negligible, but he/she will try to relieve their anxiety by performing certain acts again and again. It includes washing, counting things again and again, or checking things like whether the house is locked or not thousand of times.


  • Compulsions.
  • Obsessions.
  • Nervousness.
  • Repeating things over and over.


To overcome this anxiety disorder their are a lot of ways. Not a disease in this world, that is not possible to be cured. It is correct that this disorder is hard to be cured but not impossible. Their are two ways to cure this And that are:
  • Treatment through Food.
  • And treatment by Physical activities.


Your diet could not cure anxiety. But some foods are there to fight with anxiety and give such a calming effect to the body, while other foods rest of below cause anxiety after eating.
  • Yogurt.
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • Coffee.
  • Green tea.
  • Carbohydrates.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids.


Try to eat high protein foods rich in protein to overcome anxiety. Protein stimulates the production of brain. Foods rich in protein includes  yogurt, fish, meat, nuts, cheese and beans. This protein rich in protein food helps you boosting your brain and mind. It was found that probiotics found in some kinds of yogurt that can improve multiple aspects of of the well being. Yogurt is a best diet to be added in anxiety disorder overcome diet.


Dark chocolate accommodate flavonols, which are antioxidants that helps in brain function. It helps in the flow of blood in brain. It is the approval of some doctors that 2 dark chocolate in a day can help anxiety patient to get relief from stress which leads to anxiety.


Tea and Coffee are the usual drinks for stressed people. These are global drinks. But for the patient of anxiety it provides great help stay you awake and leas you from stress as well as anxiety. It boosts your energy level. And better than every diet recommended by the doctor for anxiety disorder.


Green tea accommodates L-theanine, that is an amino acid that causes positive effects on the patient may have on brain health or in anxiety reduction. It was found that usually patients consumes  L-theanine experience with the cutback in psychological stress, which is associated with anxiety.


When wants to eat mood-lifting carbs try to have whole gains. Because whole grains takes longer the body to break down and release sugar. And mixes it up into bloodstreams. Using higher amount of carbs leads you to give an initial surge of energy, but remember it can be followed by the insulin rush, which usually drops down the blood sugar level and make you feel passive.


Omega-3 fatty acids are very important in the diet for the anxiety patient. It helps to reduce the risk of heart problem. It was found that omega 3 fatty acids are rich in amount in some fishes including salmon, tuna and lake trout helps you in uplifting and enhancing the mood.


The physical treatment is always a everlasting treatment. When ever you listen the word physical activities so you always think of exercises!. But the physical activities includes games, therapies and as well as exercises. Any well known person said that :

“Lack of physical activities should be treated like malnutrition:”It is a health and life risk to your body”

There are multiple sorts of activities helps you to overcome from this disorder. And that are as below:


  • Cognitive therapy.
  • Exposure therapy.

Therapies are the best ways to lead the anxiety.  Cognitive therapy and exposure therapy are part of behavior therapy. That helps you to maintain your anger and fierce reaction. It says you away from phobias and heart risks.It also helps to challenge you’r negative thinking which is the fuel of his disorder.

As we discussed before that exposure therapy is the type of behavioral therapy.It generally focuses on behavior rather underlying psychological conflicts or issues related to past. So there advantages are quite same as cognitive. It helps you to fight with your fears without harming yourself.


Playing games boost up your mind and make your concentration power good. We always used to cure the disease by foods and medicines. But, we never have look on games, games also helps you to cure anxiety. In all games the best source to rid of anxiety are video games.

Video games make you learn to concentrate and focus. And as well as boost up the energy level. And make you feel relax and calm and also decrease your stress that is the main thing to be reduced to cure anxiety.


Studies has proved that exercise is very much important in every one’s life. Although he/she is a patient or not. Because it makes you active. It is also a good way to decrease your stress and make you feel relax and calm.


At last the whole summing up of this content is that to cure anxiety each and every thing although they are:
  • Physical activities.
  • Healthy food.
  • Therapies.
  • Games.
 That have potential to make you feel relax and active is beneficial to overcome this disorder.



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