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How to educate your kid like the Japanese kids


Outline of the Content:

  • importance of education.
  • How to give healthy lifestyle to your kids.
  • Way of nurturing your kids to be a rising sun.
  • How to make your kids best.
Education is the basic tool to go forth and allocating the phenomena s. Actually education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.Each and every parent sitting in Canada,USA or japan thinking to educate their kids to shoulder their future responsibilities. So,the question arises in everyone’s mind is how to educate your kid like the Japanese kids. The reason is, japan which get fame with the name “Rising sun”, because of it’s day by day development. Only because of their education facilities, everyone want’s to educate their kids like the Japanese.

Nurture your kids like the Japanese kids:

#1. Keep lid on your kids expressions:

Keeping lid doesn’t means to hide their bad habits. It merely means to have a check and balance on their behavior and their way of sitting and talking.In japan generous,polite and calm behavior is the sign that your kid is nurtured well. Your child should behave calmly and politely in all spheres of activities. This kind of behavior is drilled to your child from the beginning in Japan. Shouting, misbehaving and crossing the elders is like abuse in the mind of kids living in Japan.

#2. Controversial all discussions related to your kid:

In japan the competition is hard enough. The prep for entrance exams is intense. Parents doesn’t  talks about their kids struggles,progress and their building career in the public.to tell the name of the school or spots he/she is in is quite enough. Information related to your kid should be controversial. And only told to  closest friends and fallows.

#3. Encourage your kids on their physical activities:

In japan every child have to prove their selves better than other, in all spheres of activities. In most of the countries studies are given more time than physical activities. But in Japan the thinking is quite opposite. Each and every child spent a bottom line time on physical activities like sports and walking. That makes the child mind fresh and force them to do something new that makes the country to move one step forward.In the eyes of all japan habitats all studies and no play makes the jack a dull boy. And that is true physical activities is very necessary for all kids living in japan.

#4. Select healthy for your kid:

Selection is very much important for your kids future. Although it is related to their school,colleges,dresses or to their food. Food is the building block of their career. So, choose healthy and get healthy.Try to use low fat foods and try to use light foods. Like bowl of soup or rice,fish or meat rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids and do not forget vegetables 2 to 3 in a day. This food pattern is relatively low in calories and high in nutrients that will help your kid to think less and to be more creative.

#5. Make your kids independent:

Try to make your kid do their work by their own. In schools in japan students are drilled to do their work by their own including washing dishes cleaning their classrooms or anything. In japan it does not matters for the kids that what the work actually is.They supposed to do all the work by their own. Japanese kids are made not to be dependent on any one in society. They do not made to depend on other for a single problem.

#6. Putting a bottom line on the kids:

Raising your kids is just all about compromise, patience and most important your diligence. In this fast paced world with of a lot of friends and  unknown next door neighbor. Parents have to take the check and balance on their kids in Japan as well.In Japan everyone is dependent of their right or wrong by their own.

#7. Encourage kids for their good attitude and right ways:

Not just good remarks in exams are only be praised.On the other hand right behavior should also be praised as well. In Japan kids are encouraged for their acknowledgement and their efforts, not for their ability. Show confidence on  your child, not for that he/she is born with good genes, but because of he/she is someone whom he/she depends.

#8. Do not crack down on your kids:

In Japan many times it is noticed that parents usually punish their child and lost them for the little mistakes. So, it is said that punish the child’s behavior not the child. Teach your child patiently,calmly not aggressively. It is really important because kids learn from their parents.Do not lose your temper and your child.By cracking down on them. Your harsh behavior can also made your child anxiety patient or shy. And in Japan these things matter a lot.

#9. Patience and Pride:

Patience is all about letting them grow and explore. And giving them encouragement.As patience is important pride is necessary as well.For a Japanese kid it should be ready on the top.For this parents should take care for their self respect.Not to scold your child in the public place like markets or shopping malls. just tell them the correct ting or scold little bit behind the closed doors.

#10. Don’t forget that you are a BOSS:

In japan before parenting your child before following all above rules you doesn’t have chance to forget that you are a boss.On the first place. Show affection to your child but command your child. Because to educate your kid it is first priority that your child act upon your commands and orders.And it is the basic tool to educate your kid like the Japanese kids.


You have saw the multiple ways to polish your kids.Above all the characters helps you to shine your kids. The conclusion is to act upon all the characters given above. The summarized step of whole of the blog is in just few steps below.

  • Stay calm and patient.
  • Show your pride on your kids
  • Stay in ouch with your kids.


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