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How to improve Our Education system

These days we are finding a space in our little kids minds this is because our education system some how is leaving a space,so to remove this space we need to clear it up so, how to improve our education system before we jump right over to the topic we should the psychology behind education.


educational psychology

What’s mainly educational psychology says about children.According to Guy lefrancois,author of psychology for teaching 2011,”Educational psychology is the branch of psychology that studies human behavior in educational settings”.
It sounds complicated right so it is surely complicated,so for instance think of educational psychology as: an understanding of how humans learn and how can we use this knowledge to figure out the best ways to teach them.We couldn’t possibly cover it all here,but for better understanding consider the following six important topics within the field of educational psychology.
1.Learning theories such as Piaget’s theory of cognitive development which says that because students are individuals,teachers should determine their capabilities and interest in order to provide meaningful  and engaging activities based upon the level of their abilities.
2.The many social and environmental factors which affect learning such as Erik Erickon’s theory of Psychological developments which describes how a student’s social environmental effects their development and ability to learn.
3.Lev Vygotsky’s zone of proximal Development(ZPD) which measures the distance between what a student can do with the help of verses what they are capable of doing independently and everything in between.
4.Individualized Education Plans (IEP) demonstrate the importance of having good communication with everyone involved with a student particularly for students who are exceptional, have special needs,or are English Language Learners(ELLs).
5.Humanistic teaching styles  which are used by teachers who are able to adapt to a diverse classroom by being sensitive to the cultures and histories of their students through the utilization of student centered teaching methods.
6.Performance based Assessments which base a student’s            progress on the actual work they have performed.Also known  as”authentic assessment”,this style of assessment is  considered by some to more accurately determine a student’s     competence.
There is so much more to get to, but for now,these above listed 6 things should you plenty to think about on journey towards education.

How To improve Educational System:


How much do our students learn for how long they do retain what they have learned what do they know..what don’t they know…where do they present difficulties these question can only be answered if teachers have one or two students at the most but it becomes impossible if that number is increased by a factor of 10 if teachers knew all the answers of these questions they would be able to guarantee the quality of education they aren’t party if flooring is an individualized process then how can we go back to individualized education when we have more than 25 students per class the answer is simple let’s use space learning platforms and return to individualized control in education space learning platforms are tools to enhance the capabilities of the teacher providing them with key metrics on each student and improve students retention of the content the space learning module creates custom review intervals for each student.These intervals are optimized to review the objects where the students present more difficulty more frequently focusing only on what the student needs to study.

Research Studies By Harvard University:

Research studies conducted by Harvard university by space learning module have shown to accelerate knowledge acquisition and increase the long term retention regardless of the type of material study the student studies less time but learns more reviews focus on their weakness while not over studying what is easier or already known the teacher does not have to spend time  correcting homework assignments they correct automatically and keep teachers informed about the strengths and weaknesses of each individual or group or series of reports allow the teacher to predict the outcomes of their students on any test anytime space learning platforms maximize the institution resources and multiply the opportunities for growth while ensuring the educational quality.

Why Our Education System is Broken:

So if we have a glance over improvements we should know the reasons that why the hell our education system is broken?…..so if it’s to be answered we should have to know the history behind our education system.



Our current school system was established in early to mid 20th century.The major goal of of the school system was to give skilled labor .Well! now we are in 21st century and the industrial age is long gone and this is the time for information age.Now education has become a process….There is a model of education that the schools believe will fit everyone and made learning boring and dull.Everyone is expected to perform using this process.
Due to unemployment has become more vigorous towards student.Each students receive instruction on particular subject and skills.Every class has time table and a fixed time.Schools only focus on the theoretical subjects like(History,Science).To be of more importance than creative subjects like(Paint,dance). Creativity should be given high importance.

Conclusion Why our Education system is  broken:

Education is not limited to receiving methodological instructions but it is way beyond it.Education can be learnt in a fun way.This is what we will do.So smile and enjoy learning because bringing creativity in your studies means you are bringing skills to your children.So let’s have a fun with education.



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