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How to make your Google Chrome browser faster!

Tired of slow speed browsing and finding a way to browse it faster, then you are on the right site, today i’m gonna share you 5 easy ways to browse faster so here, are 5 easy steps to browse chrome faster.

How To Browse Chrome Faster:

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Chrome is the world using fast browser, but due to few steps it slows down, so have a look on following steps to browse faster.

1.Update Chrome:


Sometimes running the latest version of browser will speed up the speed of your browser. All you need to is to go the options menu in the upper right hand corner and selected move your mouse  over help in the drop down menu and select about Google chrome. Now it’ll check for an update and install the latest version of chrome and if it updated select relaunch and it will work faster.

2.Disable Extensions:

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Extensions are although helpful to increase the functionality of  browser, but sometimes there are extensions, we are no longer need that are using the resources so, this is the time to delete them entirely or disable them. All you have to do is head off to menu options move your cursor towards more tools and then select extensions untick the extensions you no longer used o you can select the trash bin to get rid of that extension forever and you are done.

3.Turn Prefetch On:


So turning page prefetch on make sure you turn on the network action predictions also known as prefetch to make chrome web pages open faster.So now you just need to again go to options and select settings at the bottom of the page select show advanced settings go into privacy heading make sure the boxes use a prediction service to help complete searches and use a prediction service to load to load pages more quicker are checked to open web pages open even more faster.

4.Remove Apps:

remove apps

Remove unnecessary web apps even though web apps don’t don’t load resources like websites do it still best to remove the web apps you don’t need anymore to get to your apps to go either go into the address bar and type in chrome colon slash slash apps or in the bookmarks bar you can select apps on the apps you no longer require right click on the app and select remove from chrome ten click remove and you are done.

5.Experimental Features:


Now his tip is for those experienced users some of you know that chrome has a lot of experimental features that you can mess with that can boast the rendering engines and increase the loading the pages  in the browser like i said these are experimental features if they don’t work for you you can always revert it back to normal at anytime in the address bar type in chrome colon slash slash flags and at the top of the page is a scary warning from google if you still want to proceed there are few of the options if you want to enable them just select enable in the description boxes some of these features may require a restart i also give you a brief intro to those features because they are not in alphabetical order on this page so it might be easier to find these by using the control F function let’s start experimental features canvas features.This features allow chrome to make use of opaque canvases to increase loading times and performance.You can scroll down the page a bit to find fast tab window close there is a option as the name says increase it’s response time when closing windows or tabs the last one is number raster  threads then you can use the find function to locate this one increasing the raster improves the page loading time by rendering images faster now change it from defualt to 4 there are a lot’s of experimental features try some of these out.It will make your browser faster.


Following up above tips will surely improves your browsing speed so try out these and let us know in the comments below.


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